Australian government slaps Google, Apple over tax

Assistant Treasurer David Bradbury has accused multinationals including Google and Apple of using complex structures to avoid paying tax on their global profits and promised a Treasury crackdown.The government will take multinational companies head-on in the face of increasing global concern around methods to dodge tax, including using what is known as a “Double Irish Dutch Sandwich”. see:Bradbury says Google uses ‘double Irish Dutch sandwich’ to avoid tax
Multinational companies such as Google are exploiting different tax jurisdictions in Ireland and the Netherlands to pay minimal tax on the revenue they earn in Australia, says assistant treasurer David Bradbury.Addressing the Institute of Chartered Accountants’ tax conference in Sydney, he said he didn’t usually name companies but said “there is a strong public interest in drawing attention to practices that have the potential to undermine the future sustainability of Australia’s corporate tax base”. sharpened to cut Google’s sandwich
The federal government is determined to collect more tax from global e-commerce companies such as Google and Apple and will use a combination of beefed-up transfer pricing rules along with the launch of a think tank to review the loopholes.After delivering a blistering speech that fingered Google and its “Double Irish Dutch Sandwich” technique that is designed to pay minimal tax, assistant Treasurer David Bradbury unveiled an exposure draft on transfer pricing.

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