Australian government overhauls national cyber security arrangements

Businesses on the cyber frontline will get more direct help as the federal government bolsters national defences against increasing online espionage and attacks on critical infrastructure.”Many online threats are surreptitious and insidious, and the perpetrators are more inventive in their tricks,” Attorney-General Robert McClelland said last night, unveiling a cyber-security strategy that positions e-security as a top priority.To read this report in The Australian in full, see:
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The Federal Government has kicked off a new cyber security strategy with the creation of an emergency response team previously announced in May, called CERT Australia.The new team is set to commence operations in January and will work with the Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) set up as part of the Defence White Paper earlier in the year. Security Operations Centre operational but details lacking
Australia’s Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC), announced earlier this year as part of the first Defence White Paper in a decade, has already reached some operational capability.An acute lack of information on the offensive capabilities being developed by the CSOC, however, and little clarity around its governance or oversight mechanisms, has sparked calls from academics and information security analysts for greater public debate and disclosure. sets up new CERT
Australian Attorney General Robert McClelland yesterday launched an in-depth Cyber Security Strategy for the nation, supported by a new Computer Emergency Response Team to rival the existing AusCERT.,130061744,339299673,00.htm

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