Australian Government, business battens hatches following Cyber Storm III

Major ASX-listed companies and government departments have been fine-tuning their cyber security in the months following their participation in international Cyber Storm III exercise, according to Federal Attorney General, Robert McClelland.Speaking in Canberra about cyber security collaboration and the results of the Cyber Storm III exercise, released today, McClelland said organisations such Telstra, ASX, Woolworths, and ANZ, as well as government departments and agencies, had picked up valuable learnings about crisis management. see:Cyber Storm III prompts crisis management re-think
The Australian Government will reassess its interim cyber security crisis management plan in light of findings from the third Cyber Storm international wargame.The report, to be released later today, identified gaps in how cyber attacks were escalated across government defence agencies and private industry, as well as pointing to other holes in the Australian Government’s interim crisis management plan.,cyber-storm-iii-prompts-crisis-management-re-think.aspx

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