Australian Government abandons plans for internet filter

The Federal Government has abandoned its controversial plan for a mandatory internet filter, five years after it was first promised.Communications Minister Stephen Conroy says internet services providers (ISPs) have instead been issued with orders to block websites listed on Interpol’s ‘worst of’ database.”We’ve reached agreement with all of the telco service providers that they will block the worst of the worst – the child abuse pornography material that’s available on the public internet,” Senator Conroy told AM. see:Conroy abandons mandatory net filter
The Labor government has dumped its controversial mandatory internet filter and will instead rely on internet service providers to block websites featuring child pornography and abuse.Five years after former prime minister Kevin Rudd promised to implement the cyber safety measure in 2007, Communications minister Stephen Conroy said the government would throw its support behind a scheme that will see internet service providers block sites that appear on blacklists maintained by Interpol and the communications regulator ACMA. filter was doomed: Turnbull
Labor was forced to abandon its promised mandatory internet filter because it would never have worked and would not have got through parliament, opposition communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull says.Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has abandoned the proposed filter five years after it was promised by Labor, following an outcry from civil libertarians and technology businesses. backflips on web filter
Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has revealed the government is backflipping on its commitment to provide a national internet filter and will instead solely focus on banning websites related to child abuse.Despite much talk to the contrary since 2007, Senator Conroy said there would be no “mandatory filtering legislation” and instead the government would employ powers under the Telecommunications Act to target sites on the “worst of” list of Interpol. was white elephant waiting to happen
Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has always known his mandatory internet filtering scheme was a white elephant but waited years for a politically opportune moment to dump the failed and toxic policy.For at least five years the government continued to advocate the scheme as virtually every expert and stakeholder save for the Australian Christian Lobby and Family First strongly opposed it. Today, Senator Conroy announced the broad mandatory filter would be scrapped, replaced by a filter targeting only a finite list of child porn sites identified by Interpol. on internet filter plan
The government has finally backed down on its plan for a controversial mandatory internet filter, and will instead rely on major service providers to block ”the worst of the worst” child abuse sites.The retreat on the filter, which Labor proposed from early in its term, comes after a strong campaign by providers. Opponents argued it would not be effective, would be costly and slow down services, and involved too much censorship.

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