Australian downloaders take heart. Canadians have been in the same boat for 3 years

Despite the rhetoric coming from Voltage Pictures, they are nowhere near sending letters to anyone in Australia about their alleged downloading of the movie Dallas Buyers Club last year.Australians whose names may potentially be released by a group of ISPs are in a very similar situation to 2,000 Canadians who are also potentially being sent letters by Voltage Pictures. In the case in Canada, Voltage Pictures used the same tactics as it is using with the Australian case. That time, it was for people using BitTorrent to download the movie “The Hurt Locker”.As in Australia, Voltage Pictures decided to pick on a smaller ISP and in 2012 took Canadian ISP TekSavvy to court to obtain the IP addresses of the people they had identified as being involved in torrenting The Hurt Locker. The legal wrangles between TekSavvy and Voltage Pictures are still going on with the argument shifting to one about legal and administrative costs in complying with the demand of matching IP addresses with names and addresses of subscribers.

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