Australian cyber law to keep SMS, emails

A new law will give police and intelligence agencies the power to force phone companies and internet carriers to preserve sensitive information, such as text messages or emails from terrorists or criminals, that is needed for investigations and prosecutions.Because of the volume of material carried on communications systems, it is normally stored only briefly by companies before being destroyed.To read this report in The Australian in full, see:
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Australia’s government unveiled legislation on Wednesday to crack down on cybercrime in the wake of recent cyber attacks on multinational companies and institutions, from Google to the International Monetary Fund and the U.S. Senate.Cybercrime was a growing threat to individuals, businesses and governments, Attorney-General Robert McClelland said, with the country’s giant resource industry having warned recently of near-daily hacking attempts from offshore. cybercrime laws hit parliament
The Federal Government will today introduce tougher cybercrime laws into parliament that will require internet service providers to retain data on customers when requested by authorities across the globe.

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