Australian court clears illegal internet downloads in blow to film studios

Australian telcos and download enthusiasts came out on top yesterday after the Federal Court in NSW rejected a landmark legal bid to make internet service providers liable for online copyright infringement.A group of 34 major entertainment companies desperately hoped to convince the court that Perth-based internet firm iiNet authorised its customers to engage in acts of illegal file-sharing on peer-to-peer networks. see:Net piracy fight takes body blow
Hollywood studios and record labels are being forced to go back to the drawing board to come up with a new way of combating online piracy after the Federal Court ruled that internet service providers are not required to police copyright infringement on their networks.The music industry says it may have no choice but to sue individuals for illegal file sharing unless the federal government intervenes with a solution to its piracy woes. of joy for the internet file sharers
The Hollywood giants might be smarting after their latest attempt to shut down rampant piracy was shot down in the Federal Court but Australian BitTorrent fans are grinning.For nearly a decade, the peer-to-peer file-sharing system has allowed them to suck millions of hours of expensively produced entertainment — often before it has been released here — from the internet without paying the studios a cent.

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