Australian competition regulator ACCC set to launch landmark Facebook, Google cases

The competition watchdog is close to launching five landmark cases against Facebook and Google over breaches of privacy, competition and consumer laws following  its landmark inquiry into the tech giants.

The cases are believed to relate to whether Facebook has breached consumer law by allowing users' data to be shared with third parties and whether Google has collated location and other data in an unlawful way.

The cases follow the ACCC's landmark digital platforms inquiry and build on the $US5 billion ($7.4 billion) fine against Facebook by the US Federal Trade Commission.

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Competition tsar Rod Sims has revealed that his agency's ongoing investigations into misconduct by Google and Facebook have advanced significantly, setting the stage for a potential showdown between the regulator and digital giants in court.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's world-first digital platforms report, released last month, touted five “continuing investigations” into Google and Facebook on potential breaches of privacy and data collection laws.

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Australia’s consumer watchdog, the ACCC, has finally released its long-awaited final report on the market power of Facebook and Google. Long on rhetoric (all 623 pages of it) and short on recommendations, it’s unlikely to dent the massive market power of these search and social media behemoths.

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The ACCC released the findings of its investigation into the digital media landscape in July, making 23 recommendations aimed at evening the playing field for traditional media companies and curbing the power of Google and Facebook.

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