Australian Communications Minister slams ‘creepy’ Google

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has lashed out at Google, accusing the internet giant of the single biggest breach of privacy in history.In recent weeks Google has been criticised after revelations that its Street View photo cars were also collecting information about people’s wireless internet connections. see:‘Petulant’ Conroy accuses Google of ‘single greatest privacy breach’
The Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy, has accused Google of launching “the single greatest breach in the history of privacy”.The spray, during a Senate estimates hearing, is just the latest in a series of attacks by Senator Conroy on the search giant following Google’s criticism of the government’s forthcoming internet censorship regime. savages Facebook ‘privacy’
Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has launched a scathing attack on social networking site Facebook and its founder for their ”complete disregard” for privacy.Senator Conroy is under fire from many in the internet industry for his proposed mandatory net filter. He has previously attacked Google, a key critic of the filtering plan, but last night in a Senate estimates hearing turned his attention to Facebook. Google Wi-Fi spy was ‘deliberate’
Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has accused Google of deliberately collecting payload data from unsecured Wi-Fi networks.Last week Google said it had stopped using its Street View cars to collect data after it realised it had been inadvertently collecting data from unsecured Wi-Fi networks over the past four years. Queensland Police said last week that 50 per cent of Queensland Wi-Fi networks it had tested had been unsecured. minister attacks ‘creepy’ Google in Web row [AFP]
Australia’s communications minister has called Google’s privacy policy “a bit creepy” in personal attacks against the head of the company and fellow Web giant Facebook in an Internet filtering row.

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