Australian Communications Minister rejects Telstra’s call for delay

Federal Communications Minister Stephen Conroy yesterday rejected calls by Telstra for delays in the national broadband network legislation, saying he was committed to having it debated and passed this year and that the government was proceeding with construction without Telstra, reports The Australian.”If they want to compete with the network, then bring it on,” Senator Conroy told a Communications Day conference in Melbourne.To read this report in The Australian in full, see:,28124,26211248-36418,00.htmlAlso see:Telstra break-up in nation’s interests: Conroy
Communications Minister Stephen Conroy spelt out an unpalatable truth for Telstra investors yesterday: the interests of 22 million Australians far outweigh those of 1.4 million Telstra shareholders.The assertion came as Senator Conroy was grilled over Telstra’s privately expressed concerns that the Government’s plans to dismember the former telecommunications monopoly could expose directors to legal action by shareholders.

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