Australian Anti-Govt Censorship Website Learns .AU Registration Rules

The registrants of the domain name have finally read the rules on .AU domain registration following their initial controversial registration of the domain name.The domain name was used for a satirical website to make fun of the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy following the announcement in mid-December of the government’s “measures to improve safety of the internet for families“. Or considered by many to be internet censorship.However the domain name was not eligible to be registered by the registrants as it did not comply with .AU’s “close and substantial connection” rule where registrants must have a connection with the domain name. And the registrants were not able to provide any legitimate reasons as to why they should be allowed to have the domain name.AuDA then very promptly deleted the domain name causing much debate as to whether there was any government interference. Any such interference was denied by both auDA and the minister.The domain name was then put in the pending delete list, and upon deletion was promptly re-registered by the same registrants, but this time they linked it to a company they had formed called”This registration … would be on the basis that they have a registered business name and that registered business name is ‘stephenconroy’ and so therefore they are entitled to because it is an exact match to their registered business name,” auDA CEO Chris Disspain told the website for holds correspondence giving the registrant’s version of events, with hyperbole allowing them to create what they will no doubt consider a great story. But really, the lesson is, one should be aware of the registration rules before registering a domain name in any TLD!

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