Aussie Domains up for sale

So how much is worth and can I sell the name? Actually, RU Sexy already beat you to that name but substitute another prospective domain name of your choice.

Up until now it has been difficult to answer questions about the value of Australian domain names and whether they can be transferred. Firstly, the Australian Domain Name Administrator (auDA) has been quite restrictive in its approach to domain name transfers. Secondly, there is little publicly available information about the price for which Australian domain names have been sold.

There is more public information about prices paid for dotcom domain names. However, Australian domain names are unlikely to have anywhere near the same value as a general rule. Some people say that a good rule of thumb is to divide the price paid for a dotcom domain name by 100 to get the value for a equivalent. Still, that could be a significant sum. So why the sudden interest in domain name values? auDA recently announced that it will be relaxing its rules on domain name transfers. Up until now, domain name transfers were effectively limited to situations where a person was selling their whole business along with the associated domain name.

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