Aussie broadband value: stagnant or stingy? Whirlpool 2008 broadband survey

Whilrpool’s 2007 survey respondents cant see value in broadband, ISP level filtering or Telstra. But VoIP and FttN for rural Aussies get thumbs upAustralian Internet users feel broadband value has not improved over the past twelve months, according to Whirlpool’s 2007 Australian Broadband Survey, released this week.Among the survey’s key findings, 50% of those surveyed felt broadband value remained stagnant over the past 12 months, while 30% felt value for money had taken a turn for the worse – up from 9.5% and 19.4% in 2005 and 2006 respectively.A meagre 16.8% felt broadband value had improved in 2007.The biggest qualm respondents held against their ISPs was that their providers can change their contract conditions at any time.;1251443176;fp;2;fpid;1au: Whirlpool 2007 survey results available
Australian Broadband Survey 2007 The results of Whirlpool’s 2007 Australian Broadband Survey are now available.The survey was conducted over a four week period — from 31 December 2007 to 1 February 2008, during which the survey was successfully completed and verified a total of 17,881 times (a bit less than last year’s record).The survey shows that people think broadband value worsened during 2007. ISPs once flying high can be cut down to size if they make the wrong move, such as with pricing or customer service levels. Consumers also air their views on FTTN and internet filtering.The complete report with detailed ISP breakdowns can be found here –

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