Aussie Attorney General Pressured on Three-Strikes Secrecy

Attorney General George Brandis has been put under pressure over behind-the-scenes discussions on the introduction of a three strikes regime to Australia. A largely awkward exchange with the Green Party in the Senate this week only fueled growing feelings that being transparent on negotiations is not high on the Government’s list of priorities.In a speech back in February, Australia’s Attorney-General George Brandis indicated that the Government had plans to crack down on Internet piracy. Not only was consideration being given to the introduction of a “three strikes” style regime, but ISPs could be required to block access to so-called ‘pirate’ sites.This week, in a session of the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee, the topic was raised by Senator Scott Ludlam of the Australian Greens. With the Attorney General and his team sat immediately opposite him, Ludlam asked Brandis about current Government copyright policy.

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