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AusRegistry In Box Seat To Retain .AU Registry Services [updated]

auDA logoIn an announcement today auDA, the .au policy and regulatory body, said they have entered into exclusive negotiations with AusRegistry, now part of Neustar, for the management of the registry operations for .au beyond 2018.

This follows AusRegistry making an unsolicited offer to continue those services beyond the current contract on 14 November.

AusRegistry have provided .au registry services since 2002. In that time .au registrations have grown more than ten-fold from 302,849 to 3,060,599 as of the end of November 2016.

Whoever wins the contract to operate the .au registry from 2018 onwards, there are a few significant changes that will be happening under the operator’s watch. The auDA board in recent months has approved second level registrations, for which policies haven’t been announced, and multi-year registrations.

auDA is seeking a best-in-class operator’s arrangement focussed on an enhanced security and technical setting and a rigorous process is underway to test the value, accountability and performance impacts of these initiatives.

Should the negotiations not be successful in achieving these outcomes, auDA said they reserve the right to conduct a market exercise.