August Trending Keywords for .COM, .NET and .BE

Verisign and DNS Belgium both publish trending keywords for their biggest top level domains. For Verisign it’s .com and .net, for DNS Belgium it’s .be. In the last week they’ve both published their August lists.

For Verisign, whose list is for English keywords only, the top .com keyword was “fan” and for .net it was “hotels”. For .be, whose results are published in a word cloud, “ensemble” came out tops while “Mercedes-Benz”, “herstellen”, “bio”, “services” and “iphone” all featured prominently.

DNS Belgium note that “the holiday mood completely disappeared in August: domain names concerning campings or campers no longer figure in the top 50. We do notice that a number of companies are building a portfolio of .be websites, with registrations per sales point / region: mercedes-benz and ensemble (for group purchases) are examples of this trend.” Frequently registered words (online, web, shop, etc) are taken out in an effort to present the trends better.

The top 10 trending keywords registered in August 2018 for .com and .net were:



fan hotels
grid  hard
grad  apps
email canna
 shorting bull
 bets  pink
orthodontists guy
fabric pocket
 goose gifts
cryptocurrency  professional


The word cloud for the top trending keywords for .be in August were: