AuDA Seeks Winding Up of Former Registrar Following Termination

AuDA has gone to court to seek to have one of its former registrars Australian Style – that traded as Bottle Domains, wound up, according to a ZDNet report.The action arises from court action where auDA terminated the registrar accreditation for Australian Style in July 2010 for what was described as a serious breach of its obligations under the Registrar Agreement.According to the ZDNet report, Australian Style lost the court case and the appeal and has been lumped with court costs amounting to over $373,000. auDA said it had served a statutory demand for payment, which Australian Style has not complied with.The issue first came to the notice of auDA in February 2009 when the .AU policy and regulatory body was notified by the Australian Federal Police that there had been a security incident which affected customers of Bottle Domains. Investigations by auDA discovered that Bottle Domains was the subject of an earlier security incident in April 2007, which auDA believes may have caused or contributed to the security incident in February 2009.Bottle Domains failed to notify auDA at the time of the April 2007 security incident, according to an auDA statement, which was a breach of its obligations under the Registrar Agreement. Bottle Domains also failed to take appropriate remedial security action and alert customers of the incident.These failures led to auDA’s decision to terminate Bottle Domains’ registrar accreditation on 15 April 2009, however the termination had been suspended pending the conclusion of legal proceedings.To register your .AU domain name, check out EuroDNS here.
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