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The auDA Debacles Continue as Highly Respected Company Secretary Booted

auDA logoDomainer broke the news today that Di Parker, auDA’s highly respected Director Corporate and Regulatory Services and Company Secretary is leaving the organisation, but not of her own choice.

The information came to Domainer via two separate people in the internet industry (not auDA Directors or staff). auDA is the .au policy and regulatory body.

According to Domainer’s Ned O’Meara, it is his understanding “that it was not her choice to leave. Her last official day is tomorrow [Friday], but word is that she has not been working out of 1 Collins Street for a number of weeks. According to the Board Minutes of 6th September, she was not present.

The departure of Parker, who was highly respected by those that knew her, continues the revolving door of people leaving since Cameron Boardman commenced as CEO in August 2016. As Domain Pulse reported yesterday, 5 directors have gone in 2017 alone, all outside the usual election cycle. And another 2 departed in the month that Boardman commenced, prior to the November AGM when elections were held.

On the staff side of things, Domain Pulse emailed auDA Wednesday asking for information on staff turnover, however as of publication no response has been forthcoming. It is believed there were 14 staff at auDA when the debacles commenced with the sacking of then CEO, and soon to be Vice-Chair of the ICANN Board, Chris Disspain. Since then it is believed there may be only one staff member remaining, with others such as Rachael Falk being recruited and then pushed out. Others to have gone include long-serving staff such as Jo Lim, effectively auDA’s number 2 and their Chief Operations and Policy Officer and Paul Szyndler, auDA’s General Manager of International and Government Affairs.

On Di Parker, O’Meara, often critical of auDA, was full of praise on several occasions. O’Meara writes that:
“As I said publicly at the SGM, Di Parker is (was) an absolute asset to auDA. The organisation and members are (were) lucky to have her. Her integrity and straight-shooting was beyond reproach. My sentiments were echoed on the day by Cameron Boardman (CEO).”