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Do auDA’s Left and Right Hands Ever Talk as Constitution Review Announced?

The .au policy and regulatory body, auDA, announced a review of its constitution Monday, just days after it was announced Director Simon Johnson was requesting a Fit and Proper Persons Test be put to Members at the upcoming Annual General Meeting.

The Fit and Proper Persons Test [pdf] would preclude anyone with a criminal conviction anywhere in the world, even as small as being convicted of possession of a marijuana joint, or a former bankrupt, from being an auDA Member or standing for a Director’s position on the Board. It would also seek to expel any current Members or Directors that had a criminal conviction or had previously been a bankrupt.

With the Constitutional Review having been already flagged and member’s requested to nominate for the committee some months ago, it makes one wonder why Johnson has requested the changes, which must be approved, and are unlikely to be approved, at the Annual General Meeting this month.

The Member Constitutional Reform Committee for the .au country code top level domain (ccTLD) has been established to review and make recommendations on potential reforms to ensure the Constitution reflects auDA’s purpose and values. The committee is due to report in February 2018.

“This Committee is charged with reviewing auDA’s Constitution and making recommendations for improvements or reforms to reflect the objects and values of the organisation,” Interim Chair Erhan Karabardak said.

“Importantly, the Committee is expected to work closely with all stakeholders, inviting input from government, registrants, registrars, and members.

“The terms of reference include developing and seeking member feedback on a draft Code of Conduct for members, which fulfils a commitment from the Special General Meeting earlier this year.”

In addition, the Committee will evaluate the Constitution to ensure it continues to comply with relevant legislation and ICANN’s expectations of ccTLDs.

The Committee will also work on the implementation of the recommendations of the Cameron Ralph Khoury review into governance models.

“In a rapidly changing digital environment it is important that we have the right fundamental principles in place to govern auDA.  I encourage all members to engage with the work of the Committee, and look forward to seeing their recommendations.”

No comment is sought from auDA as auDA has stated they do not speak to online-only media publications such as Domain Pulse and the Goldstein Report. But they still send Domain Pulse and the Goldstein Report media announcements!