au: The great price byte

Downloads are ballooning and the cost of data is looming as an issue for service providers and users.
Last week’s OECD data was widely seen as bad news for Australia. In terms of speed and cost of broadband internet, we lag behind much of the developed world. And with demand increasingly outstripping supply, the situation may not improve any time soon.In Paris, $50 buys a 24 Mb/s connection with unlimited downloads and unlimited VoIP. Japanese customers pay $45 a month for more than 50 Mb/s with unlimited downloads. Telstra Bigpond’s $49.95 ADSL plan is a 1.5 Mb/s connection with a mere 400 MB of downloads. see:
Optus uploads: A revolution in the making?
As Optus joins the likes of Telstra and others in now counting uploads as well as downloads in its service plans, has our new found enthusiasm for posting ourselves all over Facebook and YouTube set us up for higher prices?,130061791,339280375,00.htm

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