au: Opening salvos in landmark piracy case

In a landmark case that could stop pirates in their tracks, leading ISP iiNet has formally defended itself against claims by movie studios that it willingly permitted customers to download movies illegally.In the Federal Court today, Australia’s third largest ISP – which could face millions in damages – argued the case was “like suing the electricity company for things people do with their electricity”.iiNet filed its defence yesterday, claiming that the Copyright Act and Safe Harbour provisions introduced with the US free trade agreement stipulated that ISPs were not liable for copyright infringement by customers. vs AFACT: Battlelines drawn
In a hearing today, iiNet laid out the issues on which it will fight the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft, and those it will concede.AFACT filed the case last year after iiNet allegedly failed to act on notices of infringement — noting IP addresses of infringers and the pirated movies they were accessing — which AFACT sent over an 18-week period.,130061791,339294812,00.htm

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