au: Net starts to overtake TV

A new survey of internet consumer trends has revealed that people with broadband connections spend more time on the net than watching television.The survey compared the entertainment and information consumption patterns of 864 Australian broadband users with those of more than 3,600 users worldwide.It found that Australians with broadband spend an average of 22 hours per week on the web. They spend 14 hours in front of the TV and only three hours playing computer games. Aussies spend more time online than watching TV
Australians are spending more time accessing media on the Internet than they are watching television or movies, according to a study of more than 850 broadband users.The “connected consumer” study commissioned by Cisco, and conducted by research firm Illuminas, surveyed 864 broadband users from Australia, 219 from New Zealand, 1500 from Europe and 1085 from the US to determine what influenced their purchase of Internet services and multimedia consumption.;614216176

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