au: Kevin, 49, seeks friends he can count

Kevin Rudd, 49, is a Hogan’s Heroes fan. Joe Hockey, a Leo from Sydney, likes the song Who Let the Dogs Out? Bob Brown, 62, was on duty in a London casualty ward the night Jimi Hendrix died.And if you want a meaningful relationship, all three are anxiously seeking friends on MySpace.The Opposition Leader, the federal Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations and the Greens leader were among 20 politicians and candidates whose profiles yesterday launched a local channel of the social networking website that has become a political force in the US. see:
MPs cast cyber net for votes
The 2007 federal election will see a new breed of politician on the hustings – the e-MP, a generation of candidate who will use online tools like MySpace and Facebook as much as the more traditional mediums of radio, television and print.,24897,22064963-16123,00.html

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