au: Facebook labelled a A$5b waste of time

The next time you see an employee hunched intently over the computer, don’t imagine he or she is slaving over the office accounts or a report for the next shareholders meeting. Employees are more likely to be whiling away the hours on the social networking site Facebook, a report says.

Richard Cullen of SurfControl, an internet filtering company, estimates the site may be costing Australian businesses $5 billion a year. “Our analysis shows that Facebook is the new, and costly, time-waster,” he said.The report calculates that if an employee spends an hour each day on Facebook, it costs the company more than $6200 a year. There are about 800,000 workplaces in Australia. see:
Facebook time-wasters could cost A$5 billion a year
Facebook could cost employers up to $5 billion a year in productivity. The rise of the “underground intranet” in workplaces has resulted in more time-wasting by employees.,23599,22273758-2,00.html,130061733,339281297,00.htm

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