.AU Domains Grow Six Percent To 2.9 Million, While 2 In 3 Registered Less Than 4 Years: AusRegistry Report

The .au domain has one of the highest growth rates in the world of around six percent and one of the highest domain densities in the Asia Pacific, the first of a new quarterly series of reports from AusRegistry has found.Additionally, almost 50 percent of all .au domain names are between nine and 15 characters in length, while New South Wales, the state with the largest population, claims the honour of the state with the largest number of .au registrations although distribution is broadly proportional to the population size of each state but with slightly higher ownership rates per capita for the eastern seaboard states of New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.AusRegistry Behind The Dot infographic 1The report – titled “Behind the Dot, The State of the .au Domain” – is part of a new quarterly series which provides an analysis on the performance of the .au domain namespace and offers statistical insights that have never before been released to the public.The series will capture data on .au DNS query traffic, IPv6 adoption rates, .au monthly create and renewal totals, and various other statistical trends across the namespace. .au Domain Administration (auDA) will also make a contribution to each report on the governance of the .au namespace.The report found there are currently 2.9 million .au domain names in total, with a growth rate of six percent over the past 12 months. Both .au and .nz (New Zealand) have the highest number of domains per capita, with .nz slightly edging .au, but both having over 100 domains per 1,000 people.Almost 40 percent of all .au domain names have been registered for between two to six years, a positive sign of a maturing namespace. And while there is a large majority (43%) of names under two years old, and 66 percent under four years old, the report also found seven percent have been registered for more than ten years. Domain names that are at least six years old (having been renewed for the third or subsequent time) are over 80 percent likely to renew again.AusRegistry Behind The Dot infographic 2IPv6 requests are also increasing at a steady rate according to the report. This quarter over 10 percent of clients are using IPv6 to query AusRegistry’s systems. This number highlights an overall trend toward IPv6 adoption, however the actual number of end users are less once infrastructure services are accounted for.When it comes to the length of domain names, the report found size matters with the most common length being in the ten to 13 character length.Interestingly, 38,432 .au domain names are 28 characters or more long, with four domain names recording the maximum length allowable at 63 characters.The report is available to download from the AusRegistry website at: