au: Cyber crime will spread: study

au: Cyber crime will spread: study

Cyber criminals will try to exploit the Federal Government’s proposed health and welfare access card, interfere with e-passports and engage in “industrial espionage”, an Australian Institute of Criminology study predicts.The criminals will move away from a scatter-gun approach and start targeting specific companies and people, the Australian Institute of Criminology report on directions in technology crime warns. It says the access card planned by the Federal Government will be a “likely target”. see:

au: New crimes in a technology-enabled environment [news release]

Serious concerns exist about the ways in which new technologies are likely to be misused in the years to come. Today, Dr Toni Makkai, Director of the Australian Institute of Criminology, released two publications looking at the future environment in which Australians will use information and communications technologies and how this environment will provide opportunities for illegality and infringement of current regulatory controls. The reports are ‘Future directions in technology-enabled crime: 2007-09’, the most recent publication in the AIC’s Research and public policy series, and ‘The future of technology-enabled crime in Australia’, number 341 in the Trends & issues in crime and criminal justice series.

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