.AU Celebrates 25th Birthday Looking Back To King Tut

The Australian ccTLD .AU turned 25 last week just three months after it reached the two million registrations landmark.The 25th birthday was celebrated at the Melbourne Museum where a presentation was given on the role of technology in ancient civilization as well as a tour of King Tutankhamun’s exhibition, currently exhibiting at the museum after showing in the United States and Europe..AU has grown rapidly in recently years, like many Top Level Domains, and auDA, the .AU policy and regulatory body, claims it is the largest regulated name space per capita. While .NL (Netherlands) has the highest number of registrations per capita with almost 4.5 million registrations for over 16.8 million people, it is a largely unregulated name space with few restrictions on who can register a domain name.In Australia, registrations are restricted to businesses or people with an Australian connection and the most popular second level domain, com.au, requires the registrant to be a registered business.Even with these restrictions .AU has grown to 2.05 million registrations as of April for a population of 21.8 million people putting it in the top 20 ccTLDs. According to Verisign’s latest Domain Name Industry Brief for quarter one 2011, .AU was one of only seven ccTLDs in the top 20 to achieve four per cent quarter over quarter growth and one of only two, along with Canada’s .CA, to exceed 20 per cent year over year growth.The top five ccTLDs are Germany (.DE), currently with 14.4 million registrations, United Kingdom (.UK – 9.4m), .Netherlands (4.5m), European Union (.EU – 3.3m) while China (.CN – 3.4m, Feb 2011) and .RU (Russian Federation – 3.3m) battling it out for fifth place.The largest TLD is .COM with around 98 million registrations.To register your .AU domain name, check out Asia Registry here.