au: ACCC challenges Google’s shading tactics

The hearing to decide the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s misleading conduct case against Google will commence in the Federal Court on June 23.In court today, Justice James Allsop said he expected the hearing would take a few days and there would be little need for expert evidence or for Google to provide the ACCC with extensive documents.The regulator claims Google does not clearly distinguish between regular, “organic” search results and ads on the same page, which Google calls “Sponsored Links”. see:ACCC continues Google hunt
The Trading Post could be let off the hook if a settlement with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) becomes a reality. Unfortunately, Google Inc might not have such luck. In July, the ACCC claimed that Google and the Trading Post used sponsored links to engage in misleading and deceptive conduct.,24897,22770102-15306,00.htmlGoogle in ACCC sights, Sensis wriggles
The Federal Court has set a hearing date for the ACCC’s allegations against Google of misleading and deceptive conduct, while the Trading Post angles to settle with the regulator.Last Friday, Justice James Allsop set a hearing date of 23 June for the ACCC’s case against Google Inc to be heard in the Federal Court.Friday’s court date allowed the ACCC to resubmit its case against Google Inc after Justice Allsop was unable to understand the ACCC’s initial submission, which he called “incomprehensible” and “repetitious”.,139023166,339283905,00.htmAustralian court sets June date for Google case [Reuters]
Google will go before an Australian court in June next year to defend allegations made by the nation’s competition regulator over alleged misleading sponsored advertising links. Australia’s Federal Court on Friday set a June 23 hearing date for the case bought by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), Google said. The watchdog says Google has not done enough to distinguish between sponsored advertising links and the search links that result when customers type keywords into Google’s search system, which it asserts are deceptive.

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