au: A$200m cable brings ‘faster and cheaper broadband’

A new undersea internet cable would break open Australia’s broadband market, bringing faster download times and lower prices, federal Communications Minister Stephen Conroy said today.The $200 million Pipe Networks PPC-1 cable will rival Telstra and Optus pipelines, linking Sydney to the Pacific island of Guam to provide a third international broadband link to Australia’s east coast., Pipe in undersea cable deal
iiNet, Australia’s third largest ISP, said it would switch between 40 and 50 per cent of international bandwidth capacity onto the cable when it goes live in 18 months. The switch is part of a 15 year international bandwidth supply agreement between Pipe and iiNet.iiNet spokesman Greg Bader said that the deal would allow the ISP to keep its download pricing in reach of consumers.”The cost of international IP is the single biggest cost issue for broadband plans in Australia. The larger the (download) quota you have the more you pay and that’s a direct relationship to the cost of international transit.,24897,23048738-15306,00.htmlPipe plan for cable to Guam
Brisbane telco Pipe Networks is poised to unveil a $200 million submarine cable link to the US island of Guam, designed to capitalise on booming internet traffic and cut broadband costs for Australians.The project, codenamed Runway, will pitch the profitable group into direct competition with Telstra and the Southern Cross cable owned by Telecom New Zealand-SingTel Optus.,24897,23036720-15306,00.html

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