.AU Celebrates 30 Years As Australia’s Home On The Internet

A lot has changed in the 30 years since .au was delegated to Australia and became the country’s online. For Australians it was a time when a reforming Labor government was opening up the country to the world. For others it was when Crocodile Dundee was released and opened up Australia to the world’s eyes!

AusRegistry 30 Years of AU

Since then a lot has changed, including in the domain name world. Back then organisations were only entitled to one domain name, there was no domain name aftermarket and the number of registrations were in the low thousands.

Today there are over three million .au domain names registered and it’s considered one of the safer Top Level Domains.

“Our annual surveys consistently identify the .au domain namespace as the most trusted in Australia,” AusRegistry CEO Adrian Kinderis said.

“From small businesses and bloggers to multi-million dollar companies such as Vegemite, Bonds, Akubra and Holden, if you want to succeed online in Australia a domain name ending in .au will tick the right boxes; trust, security and popularity.

Mr Kinderis said while it’s important to acknowledge the hard work across the industry that got us to this position, we must also address the critical question of competition in an increasingly crowded market where disruption is the new business paradigm. What of the next 30-years?

“You don’t chalk up 30-years of success without being nimble and responsive to your changing environment,” he said.

“Innovative changes such as the introduction of one-to-five year terms and direct .au registrations give Australians a greater opportunity to get online by registering domain names like www.yourname.au or www.businessname.au.

“This is not the finishing line, and it is vital that we protect this national asset and recognise the investment made in the .au domain namespace over the 30-year course, while positioning for success for the next 30 years and beyond.

“The .au domain namespace is indeed worth celebrating, so congratulations to each and every online Australian who chooses to represent themselves and their businesses online with a .au domain name.”