Atari and Qutie App Partner with .gay in Support of LGBTQ Communities

[news release] .gay announced Friday that they have partnered with Atari and the Qutie App to help facilitate connection and celebrate LGBTQ communities across the globe! The .gay domain is currently in an extended sunrise phase, available only to trademark holders and brands.

This week’s launch of comes alongside word from the company that the full site is launching soon and will be focused on “sharing LGBTQ-related news”. 

“Atari and our partners at Qutie are longtime supporters of and advocates for the LGBTQ community,” said Atari VP of Marketing, Tony Chien. “For over forty years, Atari has been a diverse entertainment brand dedicated to creating meaningful, fun, and inclusive experiences. Representation is important, and by collaborating with the team at .gay, we want to prominently show LGBTQ people that Atari has always seen and supported them — and will continue to proudly do so.”

In addition to creating a completely new medium for LGBTQ visibility, .gay is helping to address key issues faced by LGBTQ communities with an industry-first commitment to donate 20% of all new registration revenue to its nonprofit partners, GLAAD and CenterLink. .gay has already donated $34,400 during the initial sunrise phase of the launch, and every new brand, company, organization, and individual that joins the .gay family is helping to generate future financial support. 

“CenterLink is proud to partner with .gay as they launch their campaign to lift up LGBTQ voices and create more gay-friendly spaces on the internet.” CenterLink CEO Denise Spivak continued, .gay’s generous support of CenterLink and the Center Action Network will ensure that those voices are heard as we engage and mobilize LGBTQ people across the country.

The .gay brand is centered around rejecting the status quo and creating a safer internet for LGBTQ people through its “.gay Rights Protections” policy, which ensures that registrars and domains will represent LGBTQ people appropriately and respond to reported instances of hate or harassment on all .gay sites. Top Level Design, the central registry that manages .gay, is committed to setting a higher industry standard by taking steps to ensure that all .gay domain names remain free of harassment, hate speech, and anti-LGBTQ content, as well as providing specific remedies for domains that do not uphold these standards.

The Qutie App also launched at this week and has partnered with Atari and .gay to bring their mission of being “the most inclusive social app for the LGBTQ community” to life on a .gay domain!

“We are thrilled to be among the first to procure a .gay domain for the Qutie App!” said Jordan Weiss and Rachel Kimelman, Co-Founders of the Qutie App. “This domain is aligned with Qutie as it helps further designate it as a safe space for the LGBTQ community.” 

 Even out actor and LGBTQ advocate George Takei is celebrating this news, posting on Twitter, “Thrilled to see companies like Atari stepping up to support LGBTQs with a .gay domain for their new Qutie App. It’s a great way for brands to get their messages of support out while also giving back to the LGBTQ community. Happy Pride Month, friends!!”

Other .gay Early Adopters include PFLAG National (, CenterLink: The Community of LGBT Centers (, Bright Light Bright Light (, GoDaddy ( and many more community groups, gaylebrities, businesses, brands, and allies looking to show up for LGBTQ people digitally. 

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