.AT Domains Contribute €13.5m To Austrian Economy Per Year, And Growing

.AT domain names contributed €13.5 million to the Austrian economy in 2009, with the contribution growing each year, a study conducted on behalf of the Austrian registry has found.The independent study conducted by Prof. Gottfried Haber from the University of Klagenfurt, reported in the latest .at report, found that the figure was made up of €4.3m from the registry’s administrative activities, while the figure rises to €7.4m once real income effects are factored in. Registrars for .AT domain names contributed a further €6.1m to the Austrian economy.The study found that for every €1 spent on .AT domain names added €3.10 to the Austrian economy. When additional services were factored in this figure grew to €14.89. This calculation is made on the basis of a direct economic impact of €7.72 per .AT domain, additional services and investments totalling €2.58 and a real income effect of €4.59.The value domain names added to the Austrian economy has grown significantly over the decade to 2009. In 2000 .AT domain names contributed €2.5m to the economy while in 2009 this figure had grown more than five-fold to €13.5m.With this value to the economy, it is perhaps not surprising that the higher the density of domain names in the country, the higher is what the study refers to as Gross Regional Product. The study found an increase in the domain density of just one additional domain per inhabitant equates to an average gain in per capita GRP of €268 while a €1000 increase in GRP is the equivalent of an additional two domains per 1000 inhabitants.The study also found the registration of domain names creates hundreds of jobs such as through the registry and registrars. And this number is set to increase with the growing importance of domain names and the introduction of new gTLDs, once ICANN overcomes concerns of governments and intellectual property interests and begins accepting applications.While no numbers of those employed were given, the study found that compared with other industries, .AT domains are a powerful employment and value added multiplier. New jobs are being created all the time as the .AT domain market continues to grow, and new top level domains are introduced – a major plus for the Austrian labour market.The value added multiplier given for .AT domains in the study was 3.8, greater than any other industry, the closest of which was banking with a multiplier of 3.2 and energy with 2.9.