Ask rolls out search privacy tool

Search engine Ask has launched a feature that it hopes will prove a selling point for consumers concerned about their online privacy.AskEraser allows users to immediately delete search queries stored on Ask’s servers, in contrast to rivals such as Google which stores data for 18 months. see:
Ask search engine guarantees privacy
Search engine Ask has come up with a new weapon in its battle to win more users: privacy.The search website, which is owned by media mogul Barry Diller’s InterActive Corp, today announced the launch of a new online tool that helps surfers keep their internet search history private. The system, called AskEraser, allows users delete any record of the searches they have made using the Ask site – including removing the information from the company’s servers. places a bet on online privacy
Will privacy sell? is betting it will. The fourth-largest search-engine company was starting a service Tuesday called AskEraser, which allows users to make their searches more and other major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft typically keep track of search terms typed by users and link them to a computer’s Internet address, and sometimes to a user itself.

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