As Turkey’s Erdogan has discovered, you can’t turn off Twitter

Here we go again: authoritarian ruler finds that social media are making life uncomfortable for him in the run-up to elections; finds Twitter particularly annoying; instructs local authorities to shut off access for his citizens; announces that he is unbothered by international criticism of this act of censorship which, he says, will demonstrate the power of his republic.Welcome to Turkey, our staunch ally in the fight against jihad and the Forces of Darkness. There is a certain grim familiarity in the story of Prime Minister Erdogan’s battle against social media. He leads the AKP, the “justice and development party”, that has been in power since 2002. It’s now in its third term, having been returned in 2011 with just under half of the popular vote, but Erdogan rules as though he had the 99.9% share beloved of strong leaders everywhere.

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