As Europe Presses Google on Antitrust, U.S. Backs Away

Google seems on its way to coming through a major antitrust investigation in the United States essentially unscathed. But the outlook is not as bright for Google here, as the European Union’s top antitrust regulator prepares to meet on Tuesday with Eric E. Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman.In the United States, the Federal Trade Commission appears to be ready to back off what had been the centerpiece of its antitrust pursuit of Google: the complaint that the company’s dominant search engine favors the company’s commerce and other services in search queries, thwarting competition. see:Google close to deal with US regulators over patents dispute
Google is this week expected to escape the biggest anti-trust investigation for more than a decade by agreeing with US regulators to tweak the way it displays searches.It is also reported to be ready to sign an agreement with the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) not to use its patents to stifle mobile competition. Europe’s anti-trust chief is meeting Google’s chairman, Eric Schmidt, as the European commission ponders similar action.

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