As AI Spreads, Experts Predict the Best and Worst Changes in Digital Life by 2035: They have deep concerns about people’s and society’s overall well-being. But they also expect great benefits in health care, scientific advances and education

Spurred by the splashy emergence of generative artificial intelligence and an array of other AI applications, experts participating in a new Pew Research Center canvassing have great expectations for digital advances across many aspects of life by 2035.

They anticipate striking improvements in health care and education. They foresee a world in which wonder drugs are conceived and enabled in digital spaces; where personalized medical care gives patients precisely what they need when they need it; where people wear smart eyewear and earbuds that keep them connected to the people, things and information around them; where AI systems can nudge discourse into productive and fact-based conversations; and where progress will be made in environmental sustainability, climate action and pollution prevention.

At the same time, the experts in the new canvassing worry about the darker sides of many of the developments they celebrate. Key examples:

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