E.U. Parliament Passes Measure to Break Up Google in Symbolic Vote

Posted in: Government & Policy at 28/11/2014 18:40

Europe's resentment of the American technology giant Google reached a new noise level on Thursday as the European Parliament passed a nonbinding vote to break up the company.

Although merely symbolic -- the resolution carries no legal weight -- the move came the day after a separate European body sought to further expand citizens' "right to be forgotten" privacy protections against Google.

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European parliament votes yes on 'Google breakup' motion
The European parliament has approved a motion calling for tougher regulation of internet search, including suggesting breaking up Google as a solution to its dominance in Europe.

The motion passed as expected by 384 votes to 174 with 56 MEPs abstaining, and encourages the European commission (EC) to consider unbundling Google's search business from its advertising and other businesses.

Breaking Up Google Is Hard to Do, EU Says After Vote
Break up Google Inc.? It's unlikely to happen, no matter what 384 European Union lawmakers say, according to ministers and officials.

Members of the EU parliament in Strasbourg, France voted 384-174 for the European Commission -- which is investigating Google for possible antitrust violations -- to consider "unbundling search engines from other commercial services." The motion, which isn't binding, didn't mention Google by name.

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