Syrian Surveillance Project Raises Concerns About Effectiveness of Export Controls

Posted in: Censorship at 27/11/2011 16:22

Over the past few weeks, numerous stories have emerged documenting just how pervasively the Syrian regime patronizes American companies. First it was Blue Coat, the company that first denied the use of their tools in Syria, which then later backtracked, admitting that thirteen of their appliances were "phoning home" to Blue Coat headquarters.

Later a Bloomberg investigative report found that Italian company Area SpA had contracted with Syrian intelligence agents to develop a surveillance system "with the power to intercept, scan and catalog virtually every e-mail that flows through the country," to the alleged price tag of 13 million euros. The system included components made by Sunnyvale-based company NetApp Inc., as well as by German company Utimaco Safeware AG. Just a few days later, Bloomberg found that Hewlett-Packard equipment was also part of the system built by Area SpA.

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