Around 151,000 New Zealand adults impacted by image-based sexual abuse

Revenge porn and online image-based sexual abuse has impacted around 151,000 adults in New Zealand, new research has found.

The research is the first of its kind in New Zealand and online safety organisation Netsafe says young adults aren't the only adult generation impacted.

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Fake sextortion email scam January 2019
Netsafe has received numerous reports about an email scam where the scammer falsely claims to have hacked into their device and recorded intimate recordings of people using porn websites. The email threatens to release the video to their personal contacts unless the victim pays them a sum of money. In some versions of this scam, the scam email subject line also includes the victim’s password that they use (or have used in the past) for their online accounts.

The good news is that even if the scammer has collected a password for your online accounts, it is very unlikely that they have been able to use this to access your computer’s content, webcam or browsing history. The scammer is attempting to scare victims into making a payment to them.

One in 20 Kiwis affected by 'image-based sexual abuse', says Netsafe
About one in 20 Kiwis have had someone share intimate or sexual pictures or videos of them online without their permission, or have been threatened with that, according to research commissioned by cyber safety organisation Netsafe.

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