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ARI Registry Services launches DiscoveryDNS

ARI Registry Services[news release] Following an announcement in October about the expansion of our DNS service, ARI Registry Services is pleased to unveil today our new brand, DiscoveryDNS.

During a presentation at ICANN’s 46th public meeting in Beijing, China, ARI Registry Services’ Chief Executive Adrian Kinderis and Chief Technology Officer Chris Wright showcased the new DiscoveryDNS brand to the industry and outlined the brand’s proposition: ‘It’s time to see things differently, it’s time for DiscoveryDNS’.

“Backed by ARI Registry Services, DiscoveryDNS is a managed DNS service that has been designed to address the challenges, risks and opportunities presented by today’s dynamic business and technical environment. Our mission is to change the way the market perceives outsourced DNS Services by providing predictability, transparency, superior technical capability and trust,” Mr Wright said.

A key feature of the DiscoveryDNS offering is access to the raw packet capture (PCAP) files for all DNS queries. Mr Wright said this will provide TLD operators with an unprecedented level of control and transparency in managing their DNS.

Initially, DiscoveryDNS is offering DNS services for new TLD applicants and country code TLD operators. The service will soon be expanded with the launch of a DNS product designed specifically for Registrars, ISP’s and hosting providers.

“Our TLD DNS service is born from more than 10 years of experience as a TLD Registry Services Provider to deliver understanding and insight never before seen in a Managed DNS service. It is designed with the business and technical requirements of the TLD Registry operator in mind,” Mr Wright said.

Currently, the foundation clients for the service include in excess of 475 new TLD applications, positioning DiscoveryDNS to be one of the largest DNS providers, per TLD, in the world once delegation is complete.

“We think it’s about time Managed TLD DNS Services delivered what Registry Operators really need to run their business. This is exactly what we intend to do with DiscoveryDNS,” Mr Wright said.

More information about DiscoveryDNS can be found here:

You can also view Adrian’s and Chris’ presentation about DiscoveryDNS by going to the ARI Registry Services website here: