Are You A Domain Star? European Registries Create Facebook Domain Star Game

Domain Star logo8 European countries have partnered up to raise awareness on internet domains on Facebook. Together they have developed a game which allows people to perform whois queries on Facebook using domain names in a playful way.

The project has been implemented by AvenueSocial, a US company specialising in Facebook applications, fan pages and mobile apps.

The new Facebook application tells you whether your first and last name is still available as domain name in the selected country as well as providing a link with where to register it.

You can also query any keyword and find out if it is free or not. Use the picture tool for sending interactive domain greetings to your friends and feel free to recommend funny domain names to them. Participating in the domain quiz will bring you points on your way to becoming a domain star.

Other features of the application include a general knowledge quiz with a focus on the internet and domains as well as a tool where you can play with the visual aspect of a domain name seeing how your domain might look on different backgrounds and pictures. Points can be earned on many parts of the application and then ranked against your friends and global users.

The Domain Star application is available at

Participating registries are: