Are newspapers a cleaner read online?

The papers create a mountain of waste – then there’s the ink, and the wrapping… But it’s not all bad news, says Lucy SiegleA provocative subject for someone who earns their crust in this particular sector. Tree-death in the guise of the dissemination of information (even the eco variety) doesn’t get good press these days, whereas the internet gets much praise for being an ecologically virtuous alternative.This is a shame, because it’s not altogether true. According to the recent report ‘An Inefficient Truth’ (incidentally, can we move on from this eco pun now?) by Global Action Plan, the UK’s IT carbon footprint is similar to the aviation industry’s. In 2005 it required 14 power plants, of 1,000 megawatts each, to keep the world’s data centres online. Launching last month – where you can usefully measure the carbon footprint of your blog or website – US experts estimate that the internet overall is responsible for 100bn lbs of CO2 emissions every year.,,2242291,00.html

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