Are New gTLDs Impacting on ccTLD Registrations? .PL Thinks So As Registrations Decline.

The number of .pl domain names has decreased by 124,485 in the 12 months to 27 November according to statistics provided by NASK, the Polish ccTLD registry, and currently stand at 2,579,310. When those domain names with ENUM are included, the figure is 2,604,336. And at least some of this decrease the registry has attributed to the launch of new gTLDs the NASK Director Wojciech Kamieniecki said in the latest report on the .pl domain name market [pdf].

The last month for which there was an increase in registrations was November 2016. The .pl country code top level domain is one of a very few that have a lot of second level domains for which registrants can register under – 153 of them in fact. Three-quarters (1,958,302 – 75.19%) of them are registered under .pl directly, another 391,997 (15.05%) under and 33,001 (1.27%) under

Back to the third quarter report and while total domains under management (DUM) have declined, and stood at 2,592,014 at the end of September, the number of registrants has increased, growing by over 5,500 in the third quarter and there is a renewal rate of 62.2%.

The number of .pl domain names signed with DNSSEC is low, which is unfortunately something that is common across almost all TLDs, but the number did increase by almost 2,000 to 38,153 for the quarter to around 1.5% of all DUM.

The report also noted that of all .pl domain names, active in DNS, 25.52% were registered in 2017, 18.42% in 2016, 33.73% of names were registered between 2011 and 2015, 15.98% between 2006 and 2010, while remaining 6.35% of names were entered in the registry in years 1994-2005.

According to the report there were 1,035,681 unique registrants and the vast majority (93.96%) were in Poland and of those from abroad Germany accounted for 1.47% of registrants, Great Britain 0.67% and then the United States (0.60%). There were also 38,534 internationalised .pl domain names registered.

The report also includes information on how NASK deals with illegal content and .pl domain names with an interview with Martyna Różycka, leader of the Illegal Content in the Internet Response Team – Dyż

To download the full report, go to:

And for more up-to-date .pl statistics, go to:

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