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Architelos Launches NameSentry Lite for Domain Abuse Monitoring and Compliance Reporting


Architelos logo[news release] Architelos, Inc. the premier provider of automated domain name abuse detection and mitigation services, announced today the availability of NameSentrysm Lite. NameSentry Lite is designed for new generic Top Level Domain (gTLDs) operators who expect limited security threats such as phishing, malware, pharming and spam (collectively known as “domain abuse”), but who still require monitoring and notification of such abuses for compliance purposes.

NameSentry Lite is the entry-level version of the NameSentry abuse detection and mitigation service and is based on NameSentry’s patent-pending technology. NameSentry Lite provides monthly reports summarizing the domains and URLs that were detected as security threats in a given gTLD. The report includes such info as: the domain (and URLs if relevant), detection date, type of abuse, data sources, each domain’s sponsoring registrar, and incident resolution status in some cases. These reports can be used to support contractual compliance with abuse monitoring and notification requirements as set out in ICANN’s Registry Agreement.

NameSentry Lite is ideal for new gTLDs who expect little or no abuse, but still have to manage compliance reporting. Examples include brand gTLDs, “vertically integrated” gTLDs, or even gTLDs balancing abuse monitoring and compliance cost with other launch and operational expenses. Additional product information, FAQs and pricing info are available at

Over 100 new gTLDs have already signed their Registry Agreement with ICANN. As more sign and prepare for launch, they will have to put in place resources to implement their domain abuse mitigation policies and commitments. One of the earliest gTLDs to launch, Dot Kiwi has already implemented NameSentry and is using it to differentiate Dot Kiwi as a safe and responsible gTLD as part of Dot Kiwi’s overall marketing campaign. “We are excited to be the first gTLD registry to launch with NameSentry’s protective services bundled with Dot Kiwi. We take the issue of abuse detection and mitigation very seriously and considered our options carefully. We found NameSentry to be the best solution for Dot Kiwi and one that would be fitting for the degree of importance we place on registrant and consumer protection. The operational ease and excellence for us means we can deliver on the high standards we set ourselves,” said Tim Johnson, CEO of Dot Kiwi.

Announces Promotional Monthly Subscription Rates in Effect till Jan 31, 2014
The extended NameSentry product suite allows new gTLDs a way to avoid the up-front cost and commitment of building and staffing an in-house manual system for domain abuse mitigation and compliance reporting, in favor of a low-cost and automated subscription based service, with flexible terms. To provide even greater flexibility, Architelos is offering a promotional monthly subscription rate for both NameSentry Lite and NameSentry Portal, in effect till Jan 31, 2014. New gTLDs as well as existing TLDs can now subscribe to any of the NameSentry options with a no-commitment and low-cost monthly plan. “As new gTLDs prepare for launch, we recognize that abuse mitigation and compliance will be an important and costly consideration,” said Alexa Raad, CEO of Architelos. “Our promotional offer of a month-to-month subscription rate is designed to alleviate the cost burden and allow them to focus on other aspects of launch planning.”

About Architelos, Inc.
Architelos, Inc. provides SaaS-based TLD managed services solutions, and strategic consulting for clients in the domain name (DNS) industry. NameSentry℠, a patent-pending abuse detection and mitigation service, is the second SaaS based service launched by the company, after Business Case Builder in 2011. Architelos is unique in having over 30 years of experience in building, launching, and managing multi-million name gTLDs. Clients include new gTLDs, as well as existing generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) and Country Code (ccTLD) registries. Architelos has locations in Leesburg (VA), Los Angeles, (CA), Toronto (Canada) and Dublin (Ireland), as well as data centers in Toronto and Los Angeles. For more info follow Architelos on Twitter and Facebook or LinkedIn.

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