Architelos Expands Internationally In Year Two, Launches NameSentry As Revenue And Profits Jump

Architelos, Inc. celebrated its second year of business expanding internationally, launching its NameSentry domain abuse detection and mitigation service and having a profitable year with revenue increasing 70 percent while sales increased 100 percent.

In 2012 the company earned over $1.7 million in revenue and booked sales of over $2 million dollars in consulting and software service fees. Architelos also expanded its footprint internationally by opening up a Canadian office in Toronto, which houses its software development efforts.

In August, Architelos launched the patent-pending NameSentry domain abuse detection and mitigation service. Within two months, deals were inked with major portfolio companies Donuts and TLDH whose TLDs represent 22% of the new gTLD applications.

In its first year of operations Architelos’ revenue exceeded $1 million. Results for year two represent a 70 percent increase in revenues and a 100 percent increase in sales.

“Our financial performance and revenue growth is significant, given the fact that the company is self-funded, carries no debt, and was still able to make substantial investments in software development,” said CEO, Alexa Raad. The company ended the year on a high note with Success Magazine recognizing the company in its December 2012 issue.

Architelos now has clients in ten countries ranging from Europe to Australia and China to the US and Canada. The company added 15 new clients in 2012, including current gTLDs and ccTLDs, as well as new gTLD applicants. As well as the establishment of the office in Toronto, Architelos set-up two data centres in Los Angeles and Toronto to support its SaaS-based product suite called TLD Managed Services (TMS).

Anticipating industry need for greater domain name abuse protection and reputation management, Architelos introduced NameSentry in August of 2012. NameSentry is designed to allow registries to comply with ICANN requirement for new gTLDs to mitigate domain abuse, and will work with any back-end registry system.  It is the first product in TLD Managed Services (TMS) suite of services to be released.  Architelos is currently developing its second TMS product, which is a solution for the complex requirements of new gTLD finance systems. TMS distills the 30 years experience of the Architelos leadership in building, launching and managing TLDs. With TMS, registries can outsource the management of the critical business and front-office functions thus reduce the costs of procuring, customizing and integrating software.