.ar IDNs Available Before August

nic.ar Argentina logoNIC Argentina has recently advised registrars IDNs will be available for registration starting sometime before August 2008). The Argentinean IDN launch will comprise four stages:

  1. 30 day Awareness campaign, after which there will be a
  2. 100 day Sunrise for holders of equivalent non-IDN domain names (only domains registered before this announcement), after which there will be a
  3. 90 day Assignment period for domains requested during the Sunrise. (in case a domain name is applied by more than one party, the application by the holder of the oldest equivalent non-IDN domain will prevail), after which there will be a
  4. IDN Landrush open to anybody with an official postal address in Argentina. (If your client does not have their own local Whois presence in Argentina, a registrar such as LatinTLD can supply it).

In the Sunrise period, the following conversions will apply, enabling holders of non-IDN domains to apply for their IDN Spanish and/or Portuguese equivalent domain names:
(I ) “a” =>”á”, “â”, “ã” o “à“.
(II ) “e” =>”é” o “ê”.
(III) “i” => “í”.
(IV ) “o” => “ó”, “ô” u “õ”.
(V ) “u” => “ú” o “ü”.
(VI ) “n”, “nh”, “ni”, “nn”, “ny”, “gn” => “ñ”.
(VII) “c” o “s” => “ç”.

To register your .ar domain names, check out America Registry here.