.AR Domains No Longer To Be Free logoAs of 5 March, NIC Argentina will introduce a registration fee for .ar domain names of less than 200 pesos ($25.50) per year, according to the national director of Nic.AR, Gabriel Brenta. The fee will apply to new and existing registrants.

The registry is attempting to join global practices by introducing a registration fee Brenta told the Spanish language news agency DyN.

Brenta added that payment will affect, in principle, those who apply to register a new domain, but he also made it clear that it will be also applied to around three million users that already have sites and must renew their registration annually.

“The cost is per domain per year. In the case of those who have the domain registered, as the use of the domain is annual, must be paid at the time of renewal, Brenta said. Brenta recalled that to date, the registration of domains in the Argentina is free and stressed that this condition applies in “few countries” of the world, and none in the region.