April Birthdays for .LU and .UZ

Luxembourg and Uzbekistan’s ccTLDs celebrated birthdays in April, turning 30 and 27 respectively.

.LU is 30

In April 1992, the Restena Foundation, then in the form of the RESTENA research project, was delegated the management of the .lu country code top-level domain name (ccTLD). 30 years later, .lu is still managed and operated by the Restena Foundation, but registry services have evolved.

The first registration of a .lu domain name was carried out in April 1992 by the RESTENA project team, which became the Restena Foundation in 2000 and based at the Public Research Centre Henri Tudor (now Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology – LIST). The young team had just connected Luxembourg’s higher education and research institutions to a dedicated network (RESTENA network) set up by themselves.

In April 1992, Luxembourg therefore became the 34th country to connect to the internet. The research and education institutions connected to the RESTENA network were the first to benefit from this access and digital service.

.UZ Turns 27

On 29 April 29 1995, Uzbekistan’s ccTLD .uz was delegated. UZINFOCOM, the administrator of the .uz ccTLD who was born in March 2003, considers this date the birth of the country’s home on the World Wide Web – Uznet.

There are 26 registrars for .uz domain names. And to celebrate their birthday, UZINFOCOM has launched a mobile app allowing .uz domain registrants control of their domain.

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