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Applicants Respond to Buenos Aires GAC Advice on New gTLDs

ICANN new generic Top Level Domains logoIn the GAC Buenos Aires Communiqué [PDF], the Governmental Advisory Committee (“GAC”) issued further advice to the ICANN Board of Directors regarding New gTLD applications. ICANN notified applicants and the community about the GAC’s advice on 11 December 2013, thus opening a 21-day applicant response period. Applicant responses have been made public.

These applicant responses to the Buenos Aires GAC Advice are now published here.

These responses will be forwarded to the ICANN Board New gTLD Program Committee for consideration as it formulates its response to the GAC’s advice.

To download all responses, see newgtlds.icann.org/en/applicants/gac-advice/responses-consolidated-14jan14-en.pdf.

The Buenos Aires GAC Communiqué is available from here [PDF] while more information about the GAC Advice is available here. [PDF] (Module 3 of the Applicant Guidebook).