Apple shuts down rumours website Think Secret

Apple has settled a legal row with tip site Think Secret that will see the website shut down.The legal battle between Apple and the site blew up in January 2005 when Think Secret revealed details of the Mac Mini before its official unveiling.Apple brought the lawsuit to make the fan site reveal who had leaked details about the cut-down computer. see:Apple snuffs out Think Secret site
One of the web’s highly rated technology news sites is shutting down after reaching a legal settlement in a long-running lawsuit brought by Apple.Think Secret, an Apple rumour website run by Harvard student Nicholas Ciarelli since 1998, has issued a terse three sentence statement giving few details about the agreement reached between the two opposing parties but clearly running up the white flag. suit picks off Mac rumour site
Apple and a popular website that published company secrets about the maker of the Mac computer, the iPhone and the iPod have reached a settlement that calls for the site to shut down. censor: Apple’s lawyers shut down rumor site
In December, 2005, Nicholas Ciarelli, a well-connected young tech journalist who went by the pen name Nick de Plume, published a juicy bit of dish on his Web site. According to “highly reliable sources,” Apple would soon be releasing “a bare bones, G4-based iMac without a display,” he wrote.Ciarelli’s site, Think Secret, was known as among the more reliable in the vibrant online community of Apple rumor pages, which seek to feed an ardent community’s hunger for inside information from a company legendary for keeping its lips sealed. This latest piece was big news, and it got even bigger when Apple went on the offensive — the company filed suit against Think Secret and “unnamed individuals” who’d given the site its secrets.

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